"The long haired star." - The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle describes Haley's Comet (1066)

You know what I don't get? There are supposed to be black holes all over the universe. Billions of them! They suck up anything they can find, to feed their infinite stomachs. One day the universe is going to be a cold, dead, and dry place. Not that its not cold and dry already, but dead.  There is even suppose to be a Super Massive Black Hole in the center of our very own galaxy! So think about it, one day (possibly billions upon billions of years from now), our own galaxy is going to be sucked into that black hole. 

Did you know that in January 2008, the largest known black hole in the universe was discovered? Its at 18 billion solar masses! It is located in the heart of a quasar called OJ287, it’s at a distance of 3.5 billion light years !

See, you guys learned something today. Don't say I don't teach you anything...



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