Does it stand to reason that the scale of intelligent life could be dramatically different on other, much larger earth like planets, or much smaller ones? Or do we have any reason to believe, based on our knowledge of physics, that there is some cosmological limit to the range of mass for complex life forms?

I wish that one day we can find a civilization out there, with intelligent life. It would be fantasitc. 

That's it. 



07/23/2012 1:03am

It was a gratifying answer since you had personally called the admissions officer and pled your case

04/05/2013 12:07am

Hi Meiko. It is very present to share the random things that came to mind. The topic and things that you explained on your blog is very interesting. From the blog itself known that you are motivated by cartoon characters. Keep writing.

07/30/2013 11:29am

Thank you. I am trying my best to keep updated. Thank you so much.


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