"A star shines on the hour of our meeting."- Elvish greeting, "The Lord of the Rings"

The fight to find intelligent life out there in the universe is a scarce battle. But what if, one day, we do find life out there? In space. Not primordial life, no no no, that is completely different. They pose to threat to us. But think about it. Intelligent life. What if? I mean, would you be scared? Or would you be overjoyed because you know you're not alone in this vast universe? Personally I would be overjoyed. Just the thought of being able to find life out in the universe! Its not even that. To know that your planet is not the only one with life! On another note, we always perceived that 'aliens' from another planet were these little green men things with long fingers and bug eyes. Or (from the alien movie series) these savage beasts with no mercy. We have no idea what they will look like or how they would act! And the probability of them looking anything like us is either slim to nearly impossible. We just have these outrageous accusations and exaggerated stories about what they might look like, which probably started with a rumor gone bad. There is no way I believe that they are little green men. 



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