"We have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night." - Tombstone epitaph of two amateur astronomers.

Hello. This is my first blog/site thing. Well, I would not call this my 'first', but on this website? Yes. I've used my livejournalmyspace, and my facebook to blog about things and such, but nothing like this. Not to a site dedicated to only blogging of the random things in life. I find doing this pretty fun.

I want it to be memorable for me, so when I look back on it, I can think about my life back in the past. This blog will be a place for me to talk about the happy times in my life as well as crap times, but it is mainly about the randomness of the universe.

None of you know who I am I bet. I'm no one really. I just want to write and it doesn't matter if no one reads. But if people do read, then thanks for reading my randomness!

I don't know what else to post as my 'first' post on this site. Oh, why did I choose the title, "Twenty-Six Candles"? Well I was born on the 26th day of a certain month, and it happens to be my favorite number. Look, I answered your question.

Bye for now.